I pledge to give 10% of ALL of my earnings generated from my work as a gentleman's companion to charity.

                                                Why?  Please read on!
Tonight I watched a program on television called Gogglebox. In a nutshell the format is this - you watch people watching tv.

 I bet that was an 'interesting' idea to pitch to the bigwigs at channel 4. Decidedly laughable in fact. I can see their reaction now
 ' sooo, you want us to sit watching people on the tv who are also sitting watching people on the tv... Erm, hahaha you got me! April fools right?

It may have been something akin to Steve Coogans character Alan partridge and his ridiculous attempts to get a second television series coming up with shows such as 'knowing M.E knowing you' and 'A partridge among the 
pigeons' ( which had no format to speak of just a 'catchy' name) He did not get a second series. But I digress.. 

The fact is that someone saw the genius in Gogglebox and I for one am glad they did as it is a great show and never ever fails to make me laugh. I especially like the 'posh' couple, they always make me smile and they have 
such great chemistry between them ( something I would love to find with a partner one day.) Plus I wouldn't mind a drinks cabinet stocked to the brim like theirs.. such choices! :-)

So anyway I decided to watch Gogglebox. I didn't realise it was a special episode aimed at raising awareness and money for cancer research. Suffice to say the last hour has been a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute
I am laughing at one of the family's comments about Mark Wright doing a (not great) superman impression on strictly come dancing and the next I am in tears watching a pretty young girl who should have had her whole 
future ahead of her  talk about having terminal cancer, and with hope still shining from her eyes tell us about how she wants to get married and see her friends baby grow up.. she died 9 weeks after filming.

We really do take life for granted.

Anyone that knows me could tell you I am quite a kind hearted, caring person. I get emotional quite easily and for this reason sometimes avoid the news ( will listen to the headlines so I have an idea what is going on in 
the world but that is it) I feel helpless hearing about all the bad things that go on knowing that there is nothing much I can do to help. I personally think there should be a good news, geared solely towards reporting happy events, people overcoming illness and obstacles and breakthroughs in science. Perhaps aired after the regular news to lift our spirits.

Watching this program has once again jump started feelings for me, realisations that have become buried under the hassles of everyday life. Two main points to be remembered and practiced.

1. Life is to short and is precious. Live everyday to its fullest and cherish your loved ones. Do not take what you have for granted. There is always someone much worse of than you.

2. Help. Do something good. Make someone smile.Little acts make big differences. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. 

I have always felt the need to give something back, help people. I once volunteered for the Samaritans But had to give it up due the distance and transport issues. I wanted to actually DO something. I never really liked the 
idea of giving a donation to charity, I'd like to see my actions or money helping first hand rather than wondering if it had gone into the pocket of some corrupt company director fat cat.

I had big plans. Charity events in mind. Volunteering I wanted to do, but it just seems that I am so busy these days, too busy to offer help. I make excuses and that is not good enough! Not good enough at all!
Therefore I have made a decision. 

I am going to donate 10% of each booking therefore 10% of all of my earnings to charitable causes. 

Each month I will choose a different charity and donate 5% to them.The other 5% I will save in order to do something helpful that I can actually see happening and be involved with. I have a great idea for an event and 
if that proves too difficult then I will find somewhere local where I can put the money to good use.Perhaps to buy equipment or fund an outing or something similar.

I am writing this with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. The first step towards making a difference how ever small it may be.

Each month I will post the charity donated too and I would appreciate any information about small local charities that could do with some help and may have otherwise gone under the radar. :-)

I  have added a donate button just under this section of writing so if you ( my lovely readers) would like to add to my 10% and give to a worthwhile cause then you are able to with ease. Or if you come to see me then I would 
be happy to accept a donation for the 'collection pot' so to speak! No pressure though!! This is just something that I want to do.

Though of course if you want to spread a little kindness and make the world a happier place it does not need to be done with money. Try it! Maybe smile and say good morning to a stranger, help someone with their shopping, do a favour for a neighbour, buy a homeless person a sandwich.. the little things really do count. Even something as small as a compliment can significantly brighten someones day!

Well, I think that's about all from me tonight!  I do apologize if this was a bit of a strange blog to read on such a site and hope I have not bored or depressed any of you if you made it to the end! :-)

Have a happy week and remember a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Olivia xxx

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